The Transking Tightwinder (Loadbinder) is a carefully engineered piece of equipment designed to give years of service.  Its robust construction consists of a heavy-duty cast gearbox with machine finished surfaces and a heavy duty pressed body designed to eliminate twist and distortion in normal operating conditions.

The strap through shaft is machined to take 2 interference fitting pressed strap guide plates to ensure smooth, reliable operation. The heavy-duty, bevelled gears are machine finished to the through shaft, which eliminates gear run out and enables smooth gear mesh.

The latest Tightwinder has had some additional features incorporated including:

  • An additional 2 ratchet teeth for better strap tension and
  • A ½” 13mm square drive cast into the drive shaft to enable the use of a   ratchet or a hexagon drive operation.
  • There has also been a chain slot added to the through shaft  allowing for chain operation if necessary.
  • Increased lashing capacity to 3,500 kgs.


If a unit is being used 3 or 4 times per day, a light spray of general purpose lubricant can be used once a month or so.

If the unit is being used 10 or 20 times per day, it is recommended to use a silicon based spray or a Teflon based product once per week e.g:

  • Wynns Silicon spray - available through all Wynns outlets.
  • Ponderosa – available through SX Trailers outlets.

The product can be sprayed up through the access hole in the bottom of the gearbox and the drive shaft at the front and rear of the gearbox.  This will ensure many years of reliable and safe load restraint.


Transking recommends that the gearbox bolts should be checked for tightness occasionally and that undamaged straps be used at all times. 

Always remember to protect straps with a sleeve over sharp surfaces.


Lindsay King’s career began as a Motor Mechanic in 1968, working mainly in the car industry.  During this time, he was introduced to his first trucks while working for Greenway Transport, thus beginning his love affair with Road Transport.

In 1976, Lindsay began working for “The Overnighters” a division of Mayne Nickless. He was originally employed as a Mechanic, later promoted to Fleet Manager.  During this period, he brought about several changes to the fleet.  Lindsay spearheaded interest in Fuel Conservation through his use of nose cones, belly lockers.   He took much pride in spec’ing his trucks, matching gearing and power for fuel efficiency. 

Lindsay employed several drivers who would run linehaul for “The Overnighters”.  Many of these, “Clarrie”, “Rover”, “Boots”, were family to Lindsay, who fought for the recognition and personal elevation of each of his drivers.  Many of them still remain “connected” through Lindsay’s inclusive and “open door” style of management.

In 1990, Lindsay moved from Fleet Management into Managing the Service Division of SX Trailers.

In 1995, Lindsay joined the Royan Group, who, together with Vawdrey, opened an agency in Sydney.  He continues to sell Vawdrey trailers and the services of Royan’s working as consultant.

During this period, his innovations included:

Lindsay’s original concept and design of the Lockerliner, Tightwinder and the Quickloc Automatic Curtain system were originally built by Pumpa Engineering at Swan Hill.

For more info, you can contact Lindsay on 0419 404 788.