18th February 2011

N. & J. Storey P/L. (Storeys Transport Services / Ulladulla Freightlines)
First started in business in 1980, - Prior to that date Neville & Kevin were employed drivers for East Coast Transport in Botany, later becoming Intermodal (Mayne Nickless).

Starting a business from scratch, is nothing more than hard work, with little or no reward in the first Five years, & it doesnt get any easier in the next Five years. With the advent of Tautliners, Life became a whole lot easier.

Our company ordered its first 20 Pallet Tautliner from SX Trailers. A Second unit was order within six months. We then asked Lindsay King ( SX) to manufacture, Four rigid body Tautliners for our Whitegoods distribution & general

Twenty years has past & our association with Lindsay has continued, through his Innovative approach to making life easier for the Co. & drivers alike.

We have been operating the - Transking Quickloc System since its inception,& now have Six of the Quickloc units operating daily. The time saved using the Quickloc, quickly covers the initial cost of the system.

This to us is the best system available, but knowing Lindsay, he will continue to make improvements where possible.

Best Regards

Neville Storey.