Steve Hutchison
Brown & Hurley (ph: 02 6652 2155)

The primary attraction for Steve was the way in which the product addressed the OH&S requirement. He regularly replaces old winches with the new Tightwinder and will mix them up on a trailer. Would prefer not to but will where necessary. Steve’s refurbishment of trailers is huge market and wants to offer the best possible product to clients.
Steve would like to see a greater awareness of the product happening in the industry via events (suggested the Truck Show in Brisbane) and educating the drivers directly. He would also like to see them in the spare parts division of maybe Packer and Mack Trucks.
To assist in educating his clients he would like to see a video presentation provided for viewing on the showroom and at their leisure.
He would also like to see maybe a lightweight version due to the additional weight they add to the trailer.