Award winning load restraint technology specialist, TransKing releases QuickStrap MK II

As a result of continuous development, the original equipment manufacturer is expanding its portfolio with the launch of Quickstrap MK II.

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Award winning load restraint technology specialist releases the latest fully retractable load restraint system designed and made in Australia

The latest fully retractable load restraint system designed and made in Australia

TransKing Managing Director, Lindsay King, has spent a lifetime developing and refining safety products for the road transport industry. His passion for improving the operational safety and efficiency of heavy vehicles goes as far back as the beginning of his career.

With a flair for mechanical experimentation and a desire to explore the advantages of aerodynamics in action in his capacity as a fleet manager, Lindsay discovered nose cones and belly lockers that were designed to improve fuel efficiency which have since been widely adopted throughout the industry. In time, Lindsay would set himself new challenges and eventually focused his attention on ways to alleviate the occupational health and safety concerns and productivity issues associated with the use of heavy vehicle trailing equipment.

By 1995, Lindsay was so immersed in his dream job of innovating practical solutions for truck drivers, fleet operators and trailer builders that he established TransKing. A key area of focus for his business is the optimisation of load restraint.

Key to TransKing’s longevity and success is the partnership and support it has maintained with leading trailer builder, Vawdrey Australia. For more than 26 years, Lindsay has enjoyed the privilege of working alongside Mick and Paul Vawdrey and even, from a sales standpoint, helped them develop their Sydney operations.

Addressing load restraint in areas with limited accessibility, TransKing developed the Tightwinder. This load binder features a 2:1 bevel gear reduction that significantly reduces the manual effort required to tighten the strap. It also provides easy access to over-drive, under dropdecks and over-trailer suspensions, making it more efficient, quicker and safer for drivers as fingers, wrists and knuckles are safe from traditional slipping bars.

Once all pallets are loaded simply place the strap over the carriage ready to be pulled from the other side across the load

Once all pallets are loaded simply place the strap over the carriage ready to be pulled from the other side across the load

When it comes to securing loads, there are heavy vehicle operators who unfortunately persist with tedious manual processes such as holding the straps out and using hand ratchets. Without the right equipment, these drivers are not being time efficient, and worse, are subjecting themselves to serious harm via repetitive strain injury. TransKing’s latest load restraint technology, Quickstrap MK II, is easy to use (no hand ratchets required), does away with hanging straps and can be conveniently hidden away.

Unlike a conventional bungie system, where the load restraint straps are a permanent fixture, Quickstrap MK II can be used as and when required by the operator. The winch straps remain in the regular position when not in use.

With no need for maintenance, as there are no wheels or moving parts, this system is robust and is operated via the pull of a string or cord via a hand-held pole with a hook by the driver at ground level.
Quickstrap MK II will overcome many of today’s load restraint issues requiring winch straps over loads and under roofs,” Lindsay says. “It can be mounted to roof bows or other suitable mounting plates and greatly reduces loading times. It also eliminates safety risks associated with the use of ladders, forklifts and cages when securing loads. It can also automatically unload the strap off the carrier with a quick flick of the cord.”

The Quickstrap MK II slide track is manufactured in Australia featuring the latest in self-lubricating and flexible material, ensuring optimal slide protection.

“This inexpensive yet practical solution for load security will reduce loading times,” Lindsay says. “In addition to improving operator safety by eliminating the risks of repetitive strain injury or the unnecessary use of access equipment to secure loads, Quickstrap MK II also prevents incidents of strap hooks hitting and damaging trailer roof surfaces.”

Fast Fact
At inaugural supply chain event, MEGATRANS2018, TransKing unveiled its automatic curtain-locking system, Quickloc Urban, which reduces the number of hooks required to automate the curtain of a curtainsider. Quickloc Urban is also optimised for vehicle operator industry best practice, highlighting performance gains and safety benefits associated with eliminating repetitive manual labour tasks.

Fast Fact
TransKing has been formally recognised over the years for delivering quality products that make Australia’s trucking industry safer and more efficient. The Australian Trucking Association awarded TransKing Managing Director, Lindsay King, the 2020 ‘Outstanding Contribution to the industry’ accolade as part of the National Trucking Industry Awards. In 2018, Lindsay was honoured as a finalist and runner-up for ‘Best Practice Safety Award 2018’ (Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport) in the category ‘Excellence and Innovation in Safety as well as the Victorian Transport Association Australian Freight Industry Awards’ ‘Best Practice Safety’ accolade.

Load restraint technology specialist Transking's QuickStrap MK II

The Quickstrap MK II from TransKing greatly reduces loading times and is now being used by major fleets.