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Transking TightWinder
Transking Tightwinder
This very practical product does it all – it creates long term savings, you get faster turn arounds and saves you money & insurance claims. Reduce the risk – protect against the risk of injury, reduce OH&S claims, and no more of that ever annoying winch bar kick back.
Transking QuickLoc Urban - Switch
Transking-Quickloc Urban
The patented Quickloc system features solid-state curtain hooks that are integrated into the curtain, which are hooked by a series of cams located under the specially designed coamings.
Transking Quick Strap With Hook
Transking QuickStrap Mark II

A roof-mounted extrusion to carry a specifically designed Urethane carriage with strap from one side of the truck to the other, over the load under the roof (not a bungee system).