Transking Quick Strap With Hook

Transking Quickstrap is designed here in Australia by Lindsay King Managing Director of Transking Innovations, in the interest of safety in our industry.

Unlike the conventional bungie system, where the load restraint straps are a permanent fixture, the simple, inexpensive Quickstrap system is a stand-alone system that can be used as and when required by the operator. The winch straps stay in the regular position when not in use.


To carry a regular winch load restraint strap on a curtain-sided semi-trailer or rigid, over the top of a load which has typically been loaded within 300/400 mm from the underside of the roof, without the driver/operator leaving the ground.

This simple and light roof beam is a robust product designed using the latest materials available. It has no wheels or any moving parts. It requires no maintenance, but in itself travels from one side of the vehicle over the load and under the roof to the other side with the pull of a string/cord using a hand-held pole with a hook, by the driver on the ground.

Transking believes this product will overcome many of today’s load restraint issues requiring winch straps, under roofs and Mezzanine floors. It can be mounted to roof bows or other suitable mounting plates. It could greatly reduce loading times and safety. It could also reduce the additional safety risks when using ladders, forklifts and cages or forklift drivers (for the securing of loads). It can also automatically unload the strap off the carrier with a quick flick of the cord.

  • Transking QuickStrap
  • Transking QuickStrap
  • Transking QuickStrap
  • Transking QuickStrap
  • Transking QuickStrap
  • Transking QuickStrap


The operator responsible for the securing of the freight with the use of a painter’s type pole with a hook or hoop fitted to it simply pulls the strap from its winch /load binder and slips the strap over the hook/hoop.

The Operator should continue the process for as many straps as required.

The operator goes to the other side, by using the painter’s type pole with hook/hoop, then hooks the string/cord protruding from the Quickstrap track and pulls within reach , the winch strap will travel to the side of the top of the load which can now be retrieved for securing the pallet of freight or load.

The process would be followed for all lashing straps required for a particular load.


The Quickstrap slide track has been manufactured by using the latest in self-lubricating and flexible material, which protrudes from the side of the slide track. This ensures protection for the slide.

This inexpensive yet practical solution for load security will reduce loading times, and the risk of injury to the operator and equipment damage where some operators have had strap hooks hitting and damaging roofs.


Transking recommends and insists safe and proper procedure is followed while operating Transking’s products, including correct stands, wearing of correct PPE (personal protective equipment). This will reduce the injury risk of the operator.