Transking TightWinder

The Transking Tightwinder (Loadbinder) is a carefully engineered piece of equipment designed to give years of service. Its robust construction consists of a heavy-duty cast gearbox with machine finished surfaces and a heavy duty pressed body designed to eliminate twist and distortion in normal operating conditions.

The strap through shaft is machined to take 2 interference fitting pressed strap guide plates to ensure smooth, reliable operation. The heavy-duty, bevelled gears are machine finished to the through shaft, which eliminates gear run out and enables smooth gear mesh.

Engineering Features

  • The Transking Tightwinder is fitted with a 32mm single hex head drive shaft which also suits a 32mm wheel brace socket should it be required.
  • There has also been a chain slot added to the through shaft allowing for chain operation if necessary.
  • Increased lashing capacity to 4000 kgs.
  • Transking TightWinder
  • Transking TightWinder
  • Transking TightWinder
  • Transking TightWinder
  • Transking TightWinder
  • Transking TightWinder


Minimal service required

In muddy conditions remove strap and hose housing as required, dry strap and refit accordingly

Can save you money and Insurance claims

No more bar slippage and winch bar kick back


Transking recommends that the gearbox bolts should be checked for tightness occasionally and that undamaged straps be used at all times.

Always remember to protect straps with a sleeve over sharp surfaces.

This very practical product does it all – it creates long term savings, you get faster turn arounds and saves you money & insurance claims. Reduce the risk – protect against the risk of injury, reduce OH&S claims, and no more of that ever annoying winch bar kick back.

Available through: Tranksking, all major body builders and trailer manufacturers on request.


Transking recommends and insists safe and proper procedure is followed while operating Transking’s products, including correct stands, wearing of correct PPE (personal protective equipment). This will reduce the injury risk of the operator.