Quickstrap and other Transking Safety Innovations

Strains, sprains, and Body stressing average about 40% of serious injuries in our workers compensation systems.

Quickstrap and other products employed by the transport and logistics industry help reduce the severity of workplace injuries because the tasks are safer.

Financially the cost of workers compensation premiums is better controlled because people that are injured return to work earlier often within 4 weeks, which reduces the burden on health services, families, and the economy.

The real value for employers is the ability to be more competitive through reduced lost time injuries and providing a safer working environment for an industry that is critical for the distribution of goods and services across Australia.

In NSW this measure has deteriorated to 66% over 5 years.

WorkSafe have a performance measure that monitors the % of injured workers that return to work within 4 weeks.

Employers using equipment like this are achieving over 80% and in some cases 90% return to work rates which is good for the injured workers, their families, and the workers compensation system in general.


SIRA CEO media release, click image to enlarge


Are you taking precautions to ensure this doesn’t happen to you?

With Transking’s innovative Tightwinder you could greatly reduce the risk of being badly injured. It can decrease your OH&S issues and create a safer working environment for your drivers.

Transking-Safety Matters


Safety is an integral part of the transport industry. If companies are not taking all possible steps to minimise and mitigate risks, they are leaving themselves open to workplace injuries and potential legal actions.

Transking’s philosophy is to develop innovative products to improve the safety throughout the transport industry. Transking’s innovative products are designed to reduce risks to the drivers and operators, at the same time, improving productivity.