Field Test Results

Transking TightWinder

Project “No Dogs”


  • LC rating – 3000kg has tested higher (4000kg)
  • Pre-tension – 800kg – 1000kg + (easy average tension)
  • Ease of use, weight – slide on winch (no weight to lift)
  • Durability – positive present wide-spread use
  • Cost – being re-assessed
  • Consistent tension application – relatively easy to apply a consistent tension because of 2 to 1 gearing
  • Time & Speed of Loading – ‘always in place’
  • Dedicated to truck? – Yes, a standard item
  • OH&S manual effort risk? – very low input effort
  • Manufacturer involvement – in production now
  • Working height – is operated at ground level
  • In transit re-tighten – done at road level
  • All steel products? – not suited for angle lashing of say bore horizontal coil

The ‘geared winch’ would make a major contribution to reduce operator injury

It can be adapted to use strap or chain

30 kg Input – Tests Showed 1000 kg

600mm long handle 30kg input force

1000 kg of tension at 600 mm in length

Geared winch showing a 20 kgs handle input force set

Measuring down force at different handle lengths – Geared Winch

Field Tests Example – Logs

2000kg of tension under test – 20% +

Load weight was 9.4t