A win for Quickstrap MK II

TransKing has received critical acclaim for its Quickstrap MK II innovation which makes it easier, safer and quicker to secure loads

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Beyond the safety application of Transking products we believe that the use of Quickstrap in combination with Transking’s Tightwinder can save up to 50% of loading time.

Transking TightWinder
Transking Tightwinder

This very practical product does it all – it creates long term savings, you get faster turn arounds and saves you money & insurance claims. Reduce the risk – protect against the risk of injury, reduce OH&S claims, and no more of that ever annoying winch bar kick back.

Transking Quick Strap With Hook
Transking QuickStrap Mark II

A roof-mounted extrusion to carry a specifically designed Urethane carriage with strap from one side of the truck to the other, over the load under the roof (not a bungee system).

Transking QuickLoc Urban - Switch
Transking-Quickloc Urban
The patented Quickloc system features solid-state curtain hooks that are integrated into the curtain, which are hooked by a series of cams located under the specially designed coamings.

Feedback from week 1 of Transking Tightwinder trial by Pickering Transport Group

You have made a great change to peoples lives already ~ Tony Ray

Just made the job so much easier, as stated over drive and tri axles particularly. Used to bring my electric drill with a socket on 150mm extension and wind up straps automatically. Tightwinder has made unstrapping safer and winding straps in better for my old arthritic hands, am very impressed and very happy ~ Steve Kallisch

Tightwinder is great, the load hadn’t moved… they’re excellent over the drive guards where you can struggle with a bar to get in the binder hole. 10 out of 10! ~ Pongo

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Trailer Magazine featuring Transking

How and Why Cameron Logistics are using Transking Products

As standard Cameron Logistics specify Hendrickson HNL 7 INTRAAX suspension and axles with a 1.2 million kilometre-warranty. Included are the TransKing Tightwinder winches and Quickstrap MK II.

The Quickstrap system eliminates, according to Shane Coates, Glen Cameron Group Asset Manager, the need for drivers to climb steps so that they can pass or throw straps over the load.

“It can now be done safely with little effort from the ground using this system,” he says. “The driver just hooks the load binder strap into the Quickstrap using an extension pole and then pulls the strap across the load from the other side of the vehicle.”

Aside from the inherent efficiencies involved in their use, the TransKing winches, according to Greg, are most of all safe and make for a great initiative.

“As a process, it requires less effort of the driver to realise more down force than a standard drum winch,” he says. “The cantilever winch handle and clockwise rotation of the tensioner is devised to greatly reduce the risk of drivers slipping and hitting their face on the side of the vehicle. We now standardise the Quickstrap and Tightwinder product across our entire fleet.”