TRANSKING Quickloc Urban

Transking-Quickloc Urban

Automatic curtain locking system

Transking Quickloc Urban, the very first fully automatic truck curtain locking system as seen on the ABC New Inventors in 2007. This system has been widely accepted by many transport operators.

One of the fastest growing small parcel express companies in Australia, Direct Freight, are now fitting the Quickloc Urban as standard equipment to their local delivery fleet, not just for the hour per day it saves per truck, but for driver acceptance as the curtains are opened or closed in the blink of an eye.

Transking-Quickloc Urban



  • Check hook adjustment and tension as required.
  • Check air lines for leaks.
  • Check vehicle air supply for moisture and drain if necessary.
  • Check air ram mounting bolts and plates.
  • Check drive shaft mounting brackets.

  • Ensure operator keeps fingers and hands clear of curtain and drive hooks when operating the Quickloc system.
  • Ensure General public is kept clear when operating the Quickloc system.

Faster deliveries and pick ups.

Save time and in turn money.

Opens and closes in the blink of an eye.


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Transking QuickLoc Fasten
Transking QuickLoc Ram

Available through: Tranksking, all major body builders and trailer manufacturers on request.


Transking recommends and insists safe and proper procedure is followed while operating Transking’s products, including correct stands, wearing of correct PPE (personal protective equipment). This will reduce the injury risk of the operator.