Cameron Logistics Include Tightwinder winches & Quickstrap

A remarkable period of growth for Glen Cameron Group has been capped off with a new Victorian distribution contract it recently secured with Stramit, along with a fleet of heavy vehicles including its first Freightliner Cascadia.

The article originally appeared on Prime Mover Magazine

Glen Cameron Group

Excerpt from article

As standard Cameron Logistics specify Hendrickson HXL 7 INTRAAX suspension and axles with a 1.2 million kilometre-warranty. Included are the TransKing Tightwinder winches and Quickstrap MK II.

The Quickstrap system eliminates, according to Shane Coates, Glen Cameron Group Asset Manager, the need for drivers to climb steps so that they can pass or throw straps over the load.

“It can now be done safely with little effort from the ground using this system,” he says. “The driver just hooks the load binder strap into the Quickstrap using an extension pole and then pulls the strap across the load from the other side of the vehicle.”

Aside from the inherent efficiencies involved in their use, the TransKing winches, according to Greg, are most of all safe and make for a great initiative.

“As a process, it requires less effort of the driver to realise more down force than a standard drum winch,” he says. “The cantilever winch handle and clockwise rotation of the tensioner is devised to greatly reduce the risk of drivers slipping and hitting their face on the side of the vehicle. We now standardise the Quickstrap and Tightwinder product across our entire fleet.”

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