Hannah’s moves to a safer load restraint system

“We’ll be installing the Tightwinders on all our new trailers as they join the fleet”

The article originally appeared on trailermag.com.au

Hannah’s Haulage, based in western Sydney, is reaping the benefits of installing a revolutionary load restraint system on its curtain-sided and flat-top trailers hauling general freight.

The company uses the TransKing Quickstrap Mark II product on its curtain-siders to restrain fibre cement pipes that reach a height of over four metres from ground level, just under the roof, when stacked on the trailer.

In this instance, physically throwing the straps over the load would be nigh on impossible, not to mention the high probability of arm and shoulder injuries for the thrower. Alternatively, climbing onto the load or being lifted by a forklift to locate the straps poses the very real risk of injury from falling.

Unlike the conventional bungie system, where the load restraint straps are a permanent fixture, the simple, inexpensive Quickstrap Mark II is a stand-alone system that can be used as and when required by the operator. The winch straps stay in the regular position when not in use

The Quickstrap slide track is manufactured in Australia using the latest in self-lubricating, durable and flexible material which protrudes from the side of the slide track. This ensures protection for the slide.

The operator uses a long pole with a specially designed hook on the end to lift the strap and place it onto the slide mechanism that’s mounted to the roof of the trailer. Then from the other side the same hook is used to pull a chord that propels the slide holding the strap to the other side, at which point the strap is dislodged and falls down onto the side of the load, ready to be pulled down and attached to the tie rail.

According to Hannah’s Haulage Managing Director, Scott Hannah, the system is proving extremely beneficial for one of his drivers who has a pre-existing shoulder problem which precludes him from throwing straps.

Hannah said the trial of the system on this trailer has proven very successful and he will be installing the Quickstrap II on other curtain-sided trailers carrying high loads.

In addition, the TransKing Tightwinder strap winches are proving their worth in reducing injuries sustained by drivers when using bars to tighten conventional units.

“We mounted the Tightwinder units tucked up under the floor of the trailers so the drivers can access the nut for tightening the straps between the tie rail and coaming rail,” Hannah said.

“They then use an electric rattle gun to tighten them and use a socket and bar at the end to confirm the tension.”

“The two-to-one reduction in the gears on the Tightwinder is pretty impressive as it means less effort is needed to get the straps really tight,” said Hannah. “Being able to zip them up with a rattle gun makes it a quick operation too.”

Hannah said the new trailers he builds from now on will be fitted with the Tightwinder winches, which are particularly useful in locations such as above the drive axles of the prime mover where there is limited space due to the close proximity of the mudguards.

“We’ll be installing the Tightwinders on all our new trailers as they join the fleet,” he said.

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