Load Security Testing of Logs

A Summary Report for the Log Transport Safety Council



Geelong Tilt Tests

Tilt tests were conducted using a specially constructed tilt test bed. The test bed was lifted from one end with a crane and a front end loader was used as a protection device just in case the rig overbalanced and tipped over, see figure 9.

Tilt test rig in tilted position

The first series of tests were conducted on split hard wood (HW) logs. The test load weight was 12.7 tonne. In all of the tests where webbing was used to secure the load on the tilt bed, Transking Tightwinder geared hand winches with a 2 to 1 gearing ratio (16 teeth) were used to tension the lashing. The input effort with these winches was estimated to be 30 kgf when tensioning 50 mm webbing. The results are summarised in the tables below.

Restraint TypePretensionTilt Angle (degrees)
5x chains7.6 tonne (60% of load)54°- No load movement
4x chains5.6 tonne (44% of load)51°- No load movement
3x chains4.3 tonne (33% of load)50°- No load movement
2x chains2.9 tonne (23% of load)50°- No load movement
2x 50 mm webbing1.8 tonne (14% of load)45°- No load movement
2x 50 mm webbing1.2 tonne (9% of load)46°- No load movement